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Hear the sirens blaring,

My eardrums tearing,

Fighter jets are daring,

Bombs begin flaring,

Soldiers have their name because they've sold their lives,

You see the swarm of enemies attacking like hives.

Hiding in their shelters, the whole world spirals like a Helter-Skelter,

Everyone has independence, but yet people send missiles for them,

Why would you travel the miles just to war with them?

Just let communities be happy and free,

Tanks, guns explosives going on a killing spree.

Blood, sweat, tears, crying on the corpses of their peers,

They see straight into the plans they must be seers,

Is this really worth the millions of lives?

Men going to war can never return to their wives,

Moms losing their sons, kids losing their dads,

Because of shooting back and forth at a different group of lads.

Money disappearing, hyperinflation,

People staying in underground stations,

All over the battlefields, death after death,

Breathing heavy like dogs, panting, breath after breath,

They'll fight till they're dead, souls in the floor,

One argument means years and years of war.

The Senses of War by Bailey White

Image by @chairulfajar_

English Language: Focus on article writing

EW Year 11 8th February 2022

In many way, people that lack concentration aren't naughty people. Alot of people lack concentration for many reasons and everyones reasons are different. My main problem is staying focused.

Being able to stay focused would help me in alot of ways: getting better grades, stop me from getting in trouble and getting rewarded for my good work.

To be able to stay in a lesson without getting distracted would be wonderful. My worse problem is people, 


                 Loud noise


All these make me loose my focus, I can't think when people are loud. I end up talking with everyone else. All of it is DISTRACTIONS!!!!

I had to move from mainstream education. There was a large number of pupils in a class. There are loads of negative feelings with me being in a mainstream. A couple are people walking in and out the class like animals. Shouting and talking none stop and people just distracting you with constant prowling around the room. All of these lead me up to losing concentration and getting in trouble.

I'm not angry with the teachers.....people may think why? However, the teachers helped me get away and find me a better place, and that place is Impact.


Take a Look

Year 10 and Year 11 recently did heart dissection in Biology. They were lambs' heart and they cut them up to show the different chambers and valves.
The reason we chose lamb hearts is because they are very similar to human hearts.



What our students say about Impact

Image by Renee Fisher

E.W.  YEAR 10

Jump In

Life when I was in mainstream was hard, I always got in trouble, I always struggled with my work. I never got any help because they couldn’t focus on me as there was only the main teacher in the lesson so I didn’t have any support. They didn’t understand me and didn’t listen to me. However coming to Impact has changed me. I now enjoy wanting to come to school and wanting to try and learn. I hated maths in mainstream but now I like maths and I’m doing well in it. Teachers listen to me and help me, because it’s a smaller school with smaller classes you get the help when you ask for it. They talk to you like young adults and not like kids.

Image by Sharon Pittaway

H.K. YEAR 10

Give Back

My time at Impact has been amazing! I started this school with a bad attitude towards learning but the teachers here have taught me it isn’t that bad. We have lots of fun at this school and get loads more support. Since I became part of this family I have got my head down and worked hard. I have opened my eyes and seen I have a future to work for.

Image by Gauravdeep Singh  Bansal

C.S. YEAR 11

Give Back

I like Impact because it has made me achieve so much. If it wasn’t for Impact I wouldn’t be getting the grades I am hoping for. I like how you have someone in your lesson to speak to. Since I started Impact my behaviour has changed for the better. I feel more comfortable since I started Impact, I have come so far since being at Impact, the teachers are so respectful and supportive.

Image by Park  Troopers

K.B. YEAR 10

Get Active

So one day I went to a school called xxx and I was so naughty and did not go to lessons. I always used to fight with all of the kids. Then they kicked me out of xxx and I was off school for nearly a year. My mom use to get mad at me because I had too long off school. Then a school called Impact phoned my mom and said, “K has a spot at Impact.” I used to go there with my brother C and then I made mates at Impact. They said to me you are only going to be here for 6 weeks but because I was being naughty I have now been here for 3 years. I am glad I am here because if I was in xxxx still I would be kicked out because I don’t like big places. My mom said I was better at this school  because I don’t have to do a whole day, only till half 2. The bad thing is you have to get up at half 7 to get the school bus because we go to the shop and that and then get on the mini bus and go to school and that is the end.

Pink Bubbles

C.L. YEAR 10

Jump In

I got kicked out of my school because of my bad attitude and I didn’t go to lessons. Now I’m at Impact they help me more and I go to my lessons. The classes are smaller and I get on with my teachers. My old teachers were just so miserable and didn’t understand what you wanted or needed then they would shout at you for nothing. They had a room I could go to but it didn’t help, we all just argued in there so then they would send me to another block. I just got more angry but I don’t get so angry at Impact.

Image by Ruvim Noga

L.L. YEAR 10

Get Active

I’ve been to loads of other school because I wouldn’t go to lessons and I was mouthy to staff. When I came to Impact I liked it better. There are smaller classes, the teachers are less annoying and now I try to stay in my classes and do my work. I’ve learnt more at Impact and have some friends. I think I am more confident.

Abstract Bubbles

 S.S. YEAR 10

Get Active

Life in mainstream for me was boring, I never went to lessons. This ended up with me fighting, being in isolation and being escorted off the grounds by the police. I was always being told to behave and not to swear at the teachers. Impact was my last chance! If it wasn’t for Impact I’m sure I’d be in prison by now. Impact helps to keep me on track. No matter how I’m feeling there is always someone to talk to.

Frozen Leaves

D.L. YEAR 10

Give Back

Impact has made a brilliant ‘impact’ on my well being and mental state because in mainstream school you’re in an enclosed space but since moving to Impact there are less restrictions and it’s a lot calmer. In mainstream my art was just a hobby but now it has opened a door to chances and opportunities and life feels better and easier than before. Coming to Impact I was scared to achieve my goals and didn’t have belief in myself but now my work doesn’t seem so hard and everyday I learn something new so thank you Impact.

Image by Ren Ran

R.M. YEAR 10

Jump In

Before Impact I had lots of anger issues. I felt like I couldn’t control them. Impact has helped me get back on track with my emotions. I get on with people better here than in mainstream as I was always fighting. Smaller classes help me to concentrate more. I just couldn’t cope in mainstream I always used to wag it. Impact is like a family community. I never want to leave, I want to be here till I’m fifty.


C.M. YEAR 10

Get Active

When I started Impact I was scared I would get bullied. I now know it has changed me into a better person. I have more support to help me focus in lessons and time out if I’m struggling. Impact has made me feel more confident about my future and increased my self-belief.

Image by guy stevens

E.Y. YEAR 11

Jump In

Since coming to Impact I am more respectful and I do all of my work. Also I don’t wag lessons or school any more and I always say please and thank you. At my last school I hardly got on with my teachers but then when I came to Impact I had respect for them and they respect me. Also the teachers at Impact make me laugh and they always help me do my work when I’m struggling which will help me achieve my goals.


Young Writers run National Writing competitions throughout the academic year for nurseries, primary and secondary schools. They award prizes to both students and schools. Prizes vary from competition to competition, but include large cash prizes for schools and book tokens for students. The competition is an amazing opportunity for our student’s to take real pride in the high standard of work they produce as each student’s entry is published in a book which, here at Impact, we purchase and award to each student who has made a contribution to the competition.
This term the competition theme was UNSOLVED. Students from Year 10 worked hard in English lessons to produce a mini saga, a short story containing no more than 100 words, based upon the theme. Here are the entries for the competition:

Image by Benmar Schmidhuber

The Suspect Was Gone
I was framed for murder. I didn’t do it. I’ve been sentenced to life in prison. I’m going to die on death row. I am innocent. I’m so scared. I have two weeks left before I die. If I want to live it’s up to me break out of prison. Am I going to do it in time?
Fear runs through me as I emerge from the tunnel the smell of freedom surrounds me. Will I ever be a free man? I am now a fugitive of the law.  How did I escape? That will have to remain a mystery.

LL Age 14





I didn’t always look nor live this. My life used to contain so much worth and responsibility before I lost it all. My eyes used to radiate joy but now show a glimmer of sadness.

The lines and grooves on my dry, desiccated skin show how far I have let myself go; the strain of everyday life.

My withered limbs bruised and scarred. My nails grow twisted with time; hair the shape of an overgrown hedge.

Life would never be the same.

Every line on my face tells my traumatic story that I do not often share of losing my beloved life. My joy came from my wife and daughter. They were my own slice of true success. My wife’s hair would glisten like opals in the sunlight, it would always make my day. One day life changed and not for the better.

Sitting in the cold now I am just another street rat to people now.  As the world continues to turn I realise it will turn with or without me.


These old, tired eyes have witnessed many things.  I have seen good friends of mine die in battle. Constant gun fire and being around the smell of smoke and death. These old tired eyes carry the guilt for those I could not save.

These deep, ingrained lines have endured many things. The painful screams of the innocent constantly penetrate my mind. My heart grows cold with the pull of the trigger. I had no choice; it was me or them. These deep, ingrained lines carry the memories of the innocent victims of war.

These thin, dry lips have been silenced from saying the things I have wanted to say. Should I have spoken out more? Orders are orders!  As the years have passed I am still unable to tell my story. These thin, dry lips carry unspoken words of tragedy.


The lifeless, colourless, aching eyes stare through to my soul. It feels like he sees what I’m thinking. Face wrinkled like his life; full of suffering and sorrow. Hands held out begging for money but people just walk past him like he’s invisible, like he’s not even human. Society has failed and abandoned him.

His eyes held a multitude of memories; memories of affliction and agony of a time that stole his humanity, the day his life changed.

That day will forever be engraved into his mind. The smoke; the heat; the screams. The memory of that day obscured by the bitter taste of alcohol.

The guilt and grief consume him. It’s almost as if he’s stuck in a mental prison with that dreadful memory on replay. That was his past life; he has to continue on.


Abandoned. Ancient. Aching. The light in my eyes that burnt so brightly are now dim. The night has stolen my soul. Begging to be noticed for help, humanity strolls past ignoring my plea. Alone, neglected, I found it hard to smile.

My life was not always like this. Her hand squeezing mine, lovingly, standing proud. I wave her in to school, my wedding ring gleaming in the morning sun.

Distant memories haunt me, I am no longer the man I used to be. My eyes show the sorrow of my past and the pain in my heart. The memories of her are all I have. I over think the photographs in my mind and reminisce.

I often wonder how her life is going. Will I ever know? I carry these questions around with me along with my own despair. Alcohol brings relief if only for a short while. The cycle never ends.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Racism just means you're scared,
You're just a victim of brain wash around the world.
No-one should be scared or afraid,
The right choices need to be made.
The laws on racism need to change
Just because of your skin, you shouldn't feel strange
Or afraid to leave the house, or not fit in,
True beauty is found within,
Not because of the colour of your skin.
We need to unite and stand together,
And make the world a better place forever.
No matter what you may say,
We will all have to unite and stick together for the rest of our days.

PW Year 9

Anti-racism poem