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The Sleep Helpline
03303 530 541

Sleep deprivation can have a serious impact on emotional, physical and mental health and many people who are seeking our support are approaching crisis point, whether that’s adults or families.

The Sleep Charity provide access to high quality information and advice to deal with most sleep issues, and ensure everyone understands the value of a good night’s sleep. They also campaign for improvements to the support available as well as providing  accredited training for professionals so they can offer sleep support to the people they work with.

If you would like more information and support then please click on the link below:

Child Exploitation and Grooming.

Information for Parents



A Message from Sandwell Youth Provision:


I am the senior youth worker for Sandwell councils Coneygre Arts Centre based in Tipton. As a service, we are informal educators who specialise in advice and welfare and the Arts. 

Our youth centre provides a plethora of activities for young people to engage in. 

We can offer young people access to:

  • State of the art theatre space with digital/analogue lighting and mixing desk, led stip and tube lights and sound system. 

  • Dance studio with professional dance teachers 

  • State of the art music studio complete with a vocal rocording booth, Top of the range DIgital Audio Workstation and access to quality microphones. 

  • Access to a range of instruments including Guitars, Bass Guitars, Pianos and Keyboards, Drums, DJ mixing decks and much more. 

We offer tution on instrumentation as well as vocal coaching sessions. 

We are here for young people with whatever issue they may have.


Young people will be given opportunities to enter competitions, perform at large events and undertake nationally recognised Arts Award. 


The sessions are free, however we do accept donations. 


Sessions are Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8pm.


If you are age 11 to 25 then please come on down and visit us. We are a safe and friendly environment that helps to embellish skills and help realise potential. 

We are located:

Coneygre Arts Centre 

Sedgley Rd E, Tipton DY4 8UH

Household Support Fund

This scheme is to help Dudley residents struggling to pay bills due to the cost-of-living increases. It is a one- off payment made to eligible households in Dudley Borough. To apply, certain criteria need to be met (see information on link) and an application form completed.

September 2022

Please click the link below for guidance on using school transport


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