In their English lesson, our Key Stage 3 students wrote a letter to the headmaster telling him how they believe Impact could be improved. We're not sure he will take all this advice but we love the feedback!

Image by James Wainscoat


Dear Terry,

I am writing to inform you about all the changes needed to be made during our time at impact.

One improvement I believe impact needs is to go to the allotments more. This is because the chickens are lonely and depressed. 90% of chickens are believed to die of depression. This would not only make the chickens happier and healthier but would also make the students happy being able to look after them.

Another improvement that could be made to make at Impact as better place is to have better and faster internet. This is because you get shouted at and detentions for not doing or starting work on the computers when nothing has loaded. I just don’t think its fair because your getting told off for something that isn’t your fault, and when this happens you get angry and frustrated. When I’m working, the computer always glitches and it gets on your nerves.

The last thing that would make this school better is not having your phone taken off you before school starts. This is not to go on your phone during lesson but if something has gone on at home, someone might need to get in touch with you. I also don’t think its okay for the school to be taking our personal property. All the students I have spoken to have agreed to this.

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter,

Your sincerely


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Dear Terry,

I want bigger goals and a bigger pitch, so it’s not crowded so that’s why! I think this is a good idea because it would save people smashing windows, and everyone will like it, they will do better work if it happens.

I want more time football because I think football will support me when I’m being naughty, and I think everyone likes it so it will support everyone, just basically what I am trying to say is I want them to be more sports because I know it will support everyone.

I no longer want to do English because I don’t like it, I would rather someone arrange me to do another subject. You can’t take away English, but I would rather do practical work so if this could be encouraged into English lessons, I would appreciate it.

Thankyou for reading this letter I hope you will make some changers I have requested

Yours sincerely


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Dear Terry,

                     I am writing to inform you about adding some improvements at Impact. I believe that we should add some better equipment; if you were to add some more heaters a lot of students would stop complaining about the temperature.

Another improvement you should make at Impact is adding some more consoles because it would stop everyone fighting over the current X-box. Maybe we should have an Xbox day!

A third improvement you should add is some more comfy chairs because the hard chairs that we currently use are too hard, and the students are complaining about sitting on them. They would prefer the seats with cushions because they’re a lot comfier.10% of the students like the current chairs, whereas 90% of the students want the comfier chairs.

If you were to add some more rewards, it would make more students attend the school and change their behaviour. 80% of the students have said they would behave if there were some more rewards.

The fourth and final point I think you should add is nets and bigger football goals because our current ones are too small. Also, we need nets as-well to stop the balls from going over the fence. It would stop annoying the neighbours and stop them from complaining.

                 Thank you for taking time to read my letter,

                                   I hope you consider the changes I have requested!                                                                                                                                                           Your sincerely BC KS3 

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Dear Terry,

I think Impact could be a better place with theses sad heating, better internet, better computers, and better football goals with theses improvements it could make the school a better place for work and some students behaviour better. 80% of students agree that they would work better with some better equipment. These improvements would make Impact feel like heaven

Inspiring independent Impact! Impact is here to inspire students and with these improvements of more subjects could make the students get a better education and better grades and then you would make more money than you would be happier and you would change the future of your amazing students.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter I hope you will consider the changes I have requested

Your sincerely




Dear Terry,

 I am writing to you to address that we should have a DT lesson to teach kids how to cook or how to use tools because kids these days don’t do anything, they just sit on their back side. I think we could use these lessons in real life or else the next generation will not know how to cook and keep eating fast food and will probably die at the age of 26 of being morbidly obese. Also, they won’t have the joy of teaching their children how to build a table because they can’t, because they can’t because they never learned it themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope you take this letter into consideration and make the changes I have requested.

Your sincerely 


Math Formulas


Dear Terry,

 I would like some improvements done at Impact, such as detention passes so when you show the detention pass it skips your detention without getting in trouble, but they’d have to do it another day. Also, a lot of people don’t like detentions so I would say people would like that as a new improvement.

Secondly, I would like more challenging work such as Maths and English because it’s a little easy and I don’t learn a lot of stuff every day. I don’t believe that I’m very good at fraction therefore I believe this is what I should be learning as I find other areas of maths easier. If its harder and we will be more intelligent and have a better chance of going back to mainstream school. 

Thirdly, I would like normal school days ending at 2 o’clock because the days feel very long and sometimes, I feel very worn out at the end of the day. I’ve heard other student complain about this same thing as well and I think that this change will be good.

Thank you for reading this letter and thanks for reading this letter,

Yours sincerely,